What Is An A&R?


In the music industry, A&R meaning artist and repertoire (A&R) refers to the division of a record label that is responsible for scouting and artist development. The A&R department is the link between the recording artist/act and the record label, generally to help with the artistic and commercial development of the label's artists. An A&R person is often required to handle contractual negotiations, find songwriters and record producers for the act, and schedule recording sessions.

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Part of their duties includes keeping contact with their counterparts in music publishing companies to get new songs and material from established songwriters. Contrary to common belief it is not one of the A&R department's main jobs to sort through the plethora of demo tapes sent by hopeful musicians to the label. A&R departments at major labels in the USA typically accept unsolicited and solicited demos, they almost always accept music from business contacts with which they are familiar. Although you can use a directory called Music Industry Contacts to get directly connected with top A&R executives However, major labels outside the USA and many independent music labels do still accept unsolicited demos.

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